Saturday, April 8, 2017

Why do we like sphinxes so much? Maybe because of a peculiar anatomic feature of theirs

The Sphinx: truly a fascinating creature, half woman and half lioness. In modern times, this fascination has been linked to a peculiar feature that makes them much unlike lionesses. That characteristic has been well emphasized in the sculptures that litter the Belvedere Garden, in Vienna, as you can see in the picture, above. 

So, here is a series of pictures taken in Vienna this February (BTW, the nice lady you see in some of these pictures is my sweet wife, Grazia). And if you want to know more on this subject , you can read a whole post of mine dedicated to the sex life of the sphinx.

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  1. Very nice article...but I liked your 2003piece on Cellini's Perseus & Medusa much better. Can't wait for your upcoming revised version...whenever.(theovavas at gmail com)