Thursday, November 24, 2016

My paper on Cellini's Medusa

So, the book on "Cnidaria", better known as "jellyfish" is out, published by Springer. It is a massive book of more than 800 pages, mostly about biology and contains a good number of very technical papers. Some are rather general and interesting also for the non-specialist in Cnidaria. And it also contains four contributions about the ancient myth of Medusa, supposed to be a member of the Cnidarian family. One of these contributions is my piece on Cellini's Medusa, the statuary piece that you can admire today in Florence. You can find an early version of this paper in this blog.

Here is how Cellini interpreted the figure of the mythological Medusa. Not exactly a jellyfish, but artists have a lot of leeway in their work

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