Saturday, February 6, 2016

So beautiful it almost hurts..... what is in a human face?

How beautiful can a human face be? So much that it almost hurts - like this painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (La Ghirlandaia, 1874). Really, I set it up as the wallpaper of my PC and everytime I turn it on it almost makes me fall from my chair.

And yet, what is in a human face? What is that can make it so beautiful, and so strange. Think of it as if you were seeing a human being for the first time, as if you had landed on this planet after a travel of a hundred thousand light years, from the other side of the galaxy.

What are you seeing? What creature is this? Those eyes.... so strange, look at the way the iris is circled by a black border; look at the white around. No other creature on this planet has that. Why? Why does this creature want everyone to know in which direction she is looking?

And those two protuberances on the face So prominent; one we call "nose", the other we call "chin". What other creature on this planet has them? Can you find one? No, and yet this creature, this "human" has them. Why? What is their purpose?

The mouth, look at the mouth: so strange with those prominent lips. Again, which creature on this planet has anything like that? And it is so small... such a small mouth; so out of proportion with the size of this creature? What does she eat? Maybe blood? Is she a vampire? Or what is she?

Yes: human beings. What are they?

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