Sunday, November 2, 2014

The head of Cellini's Medusa

(original image by Ugo Bardi. Reproduce it as you like, if you cite the source, it is appreciated)

With his "Perseus and Medusa", Benvenuto Cellini created a true masterpiece; something that we can still admire today under the "Loggia de Lanzi" in Florence. Cellini went beyond the mere celebration of a murder, showing Medusa not as a monster, but as a creature of stunning, near supernatural beauty. In showing the head of Medusa held high by Perseus, Cellini may have intended to show the transcendence of a divine being: an ancient Moon Goddess transmogrified into a monster by bad press, returning to the realms where it came from.

For a more detailed examination of Cellini's "Perseus and Medusa", see this previous post.


  1. Obviously not even Cellini's genius was able to counter and neutralize the timeless nefarious effects of a BAD PRESS to this day plaguing LTG, climate change activists, peak oilers, Putin and even Obama. Nuke the press?

  2. When I see this head I do get that guttural feeling similar to the one from the ancient statues