Sunday, November 30, 2014

David and Medusa

A very curious image, found by chance while navigating the web. It needs to be explained: it was clearly inspired by the "Piazza della Signoria" square in Florence, Italy, where you have two major pieces of statuary, Michelangelo's David and Cellini's "Perseus and Medusa" standing more or less in the position shown in the image.

Now, the authors of the image above must have been there and somehow, in a blast of creativity, they conceived the idea that the David was created not by laboriously extracting it out of a piece of marble, but directly out of a real person by Medusa who - as well known - had the capability of turning people into stone if they just looked at her. So they showed the moment of the creation with Michelangelo himself directing the operation. There is the small problem that the David of the Signoria square is three meters tall, but it is just a detail.

What I find absolutely fantastic about the image is the way Medusa is drawn. Wonderful: don't you agree? Compare the Medusa by Guy and Rodd with the head of Cellini's Medusa and you see that - maybe - the more modern one catches the spirit of the myth of Medusa just as well (and maybe even better!)

"Guy and Rodd" seem to be very creative fellows, indeed. Their site doesn't seem to be existing any more, but Google reports a book published by them in 2006.

You can also find in this blog a complete post about Cellini's Medusa.


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